Our company originally began in 1946 as Deering's Market located at 545 W. 11th Street in Traverse City, Michigan. This market was small and specialized in meats. In 1953, after several additions and remodels, the market name was changed to "Tom's Food Market."


In February 1961, Tom's West Bay was opened. In July 2006, the remodel of the West Bay Market was completed.


In July 1968, the 14th and Division location opened. That same year the original Deering's Market closed.


In April 1983, the Acme Market opened. In March of 2019 this location was closed.


In November 1986, the Cherryland Market opened. In 2010 this location was closed.


In May 1993, the Northport Market opened.


In February 1994, the East Bay Market opened.


In April 2009, the Interlochen Market Opened.

Continuing through three generations, Tom's Food Markets remains a locally owned family business.

Tom and Eva Deering (Founders)

Dan Deering with his 1930 Chevrolet Huckster Truck

Dan (Son of Tom) Deering, CEO

Christy Kuhnke & Jane Deering (Daughters of Dan)

Dan's five daughters